CEO of Easygenerator

When we started building Easygenerator back in 2013, we had a vision about our product, but we also had a clear idea about what kind of company we wanted to become. We knew that it is the people that make your company; they define the heart and soul of the company.

Now, eight years later, we are the company I hoped to become. We are a group of 83 people with very different backgrounds, but all very committed to Easygenerator. We focus on bringing real value to our customers with a great product, great vision, great support, and above all, a great team.  

We are highly international. Although we have Dutch roots, we went global from day 1. We launched our product at a conference in Las Vegas, and the USA is our biggest market. We have customers in over 50 countries. We have offices in Dubai, Rotterdam, Zhytomyr, and Colombo.

In the early days of Easygenerator, when we wanted to hire our first salesperson, we put a Dutch ad online and got Dutch applicants whose first question was: What kind of company car do I get? That is not how we work. Our product is 100% SaaS, and we sell online, we guide our customers online, everything is online. To reach a wider audience, we changed the ad into English, with the title: “Salesperson wanted (no company car).” We added that you need to be fluent in English and that you do not have to speak Dutch at all. With this, we got very different candidates. As a result, our Rotterdam team is now 33 people and counts 17 nationalities.

Last year we grew our revenue by 93%. Growing at this pace opens up opportunities for growth for our employees. Last quarter, three of our BDRs got promoted. One became a marketeer, one a Customer Success Manager, and the third one is now an Account Executive.

As the CEO of the company, I guard our values. I promote them constantly, and I will interview every candidate myself, checking if they are a fit for our company. Our values are:

  • Challenge
    • We opened up a new market with our Employee-Generated Learning approach. Most things we do are new, and we know we can do them better. We want every employee to challenge the status quo if they think we can improve on it.
  • Experiment
    • We develop our software in an agile way with a new release of the product every week. Small stepssmall iterations—are key. We use this experimental approach in everything we do, from marketing to customer support and everything in between.
  • Own
    • We are a results-driven organization. That means we need you to be responsible for your targets. That allows us to stay away from micromanagement and, instead, manage you on your output.

We found a fantastic way to pay attention to these values. We created cards with an inspirational quote from a famous person; we have eight different cards per value. You can celebrate a colleague who acted according to that value by giving them the corresponding card. We use a Slack channel (#valuerecognition) for this. That way, you can share the value story and the recognition with everybody. It looks like this:

I like this a lot; it is just an illustration of the way we do things. I believe there is something like an Easygenerator vibe. I recently visited our Dubai office for the first time. It was a super cool experience, to travel for almost 7000 kilometers to a country I had never been before, and then to enter an office with that familiar Easygenerator feeling that made me feel at home instantly.

If you want to experience this yourself firsthand, come and join us. We are hiring in Dubai, Rotterdam, and Zhytomyr. Check out all the vacancies and apply for the one that fits you!

Easygenerator is hiring! We are looking for:

 Business Development Managers, Account Executives, Front- and Back-End Developers,
designers, marketeers, recruiters, Customer Success Managers, Onboarding Specialists,
support agents and other great talent!

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