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I have been to a ton of learning conferences but this will be my first time at this conference. I’m looking forward to it and I’m reporting on all interesting sessions via this blog.

It is now Sunday morning, the conference will officially kickoff this evening. But I have an interesting day ahead.

There is a Dutch group trip to this conference and they have invited me to join them in a couple of extra sessions. The first one this morning with Elliott Masie, Bob Mosher, Donald Taylor en Brandon Carson. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m checking the program as we speak and I’m planning to report about the sessions that I will attend.

And finally I will have a couple of meetings with Easygenerator customers who are attending as well. I look forward meeting them face-to-face.

My plan is to list all my conference posts in this one. It will be my conference diary:

Dutch Sunday sessions:

Elliot Masie’s “Dutch” presentation on Learning Shifts

Bob Mosher on learning while working

Donald Taylor on trends

Brandon Carlson on How we live, learn and work

I was ready to create a mind map on Sunday evenings opening session, but it was so disappointing that I ended up empty…..

My report on day 2 of the conference is here

And here is day three of Learning 2019

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