CEO of Easygenerator

This morning started with an extra “Dutch” session by Rob Lauder, the CLO of Mc Donalds. He gave us a detailed overview of the setup of Mc Donalds training programs. They employ 1.9 million people and they have 1 million new hires every year. Mc Donald knows that for crew employees they will be their first job and they will move on pretty soon. Their training program is focus on this, making sure their employees are ready for their next job. Pretty cool.

Rob Lauber presenting at Learning2019
My notes on Rob’s presentation (click to enlarge)

Elliot Masie and Nigel Paine did a session together on Re-imagining learning. Sharing stories and insights with us and answering questions. They paint a nice picture of a discipline that is fundamentally changing

Re-imagining learning Elliot Masie and Nigel Paine (click to enlarge)

Nigel Paine also did a session on his new book on Learning cultures. he developed a cool model and a guide how to use it. I only have this bad photo of the model. Definitely a book I’m going to read.

Nigels model

Bob Mosher did (half a) Keynote. Repeating the things he said in the other sessions, but also interviewing Katie Coates and Mark Wagner.

Bob Mosher at Learning 2019

The final general session of the day was hosted by Donald Taylor called rethinking L&D. Here is my summary

My notes on Donalds general session (click to enlarge
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