I’m CEO of Easygenerator since 2010. Our mission is to assist anyone who wants to share his knowledge. Therefore we focus on people who do not have a Didactical or e-Learning background. We try to make our software as simple and intuitive as we can. Anyone you should be able to use it without any prior didactical knowledge and without any training. We also offer build in support to help our authors to create more effective content with a simple didactical foundation and tips and trikcs based on the user actions.

Because we also offer extra facilities like course hosting and result tracking Easygenerator is also a great place to make a start e-Learning for companies and schools.

Easygenerator is used by trainers, coaches, teachers, HR-departments, product owners, business owners and many more. Easygenerator is also used by large companies to facilitate knowledge sharing for their employees.

If you want to try Easygenerator you can sign up for our e-learning software  for a 14 day free trial.

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