About me

Kasper SpiroI’m Kasper Spiro, I have worked in education, performance management, knowledge management and eLearning for over 30 years.  I’m CEO of Easygenerator since 2010. See my linkedin profile for more information about my career.

I blog about eLearning since 2009 and I frequently present at e-learning conferences about the same topics that you will find in this blog in Europe, the USA and Asia.

You can contact me via K.Spiro@Easygenerator.com, Mail@KasperSpiro.Com, Skype (KasperSpiro) or you can tweet me @KasperSpiro. You can visit our corporate website Easygenerator.com.

Some private information. I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Ophemert. The area I live in is called ‘Rivierenland’ (Riverland), because three of the main European rivers flow through it. I live next to the river ‘Waal’. I live in an old fruit barn that we converted into a great house 20 years ago.

I live there with my wife Kinne who is a primary school teacher. Currently she teaches a class of foreign children (mostly refugees) that have recently arrived in The Netherlands. Kinne and I were high school sweethearts and are now 37 years together. We have three sons. Merijn (26) is working as a software developer for a bank, Nathan (24), is pursuing his master degree in Intercultural management. And our youngest son Kilian (21) is a chef and co-owner of a restaurant.


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