About me

Kasper small

Kasper has been an industry leader in the learning space for over 30 years. During this time, he has witnessed fundamental changes that continue to reshape the industry. He has made an impact on this ever-evolving field as CEO of Easygenerator and as an e-learning blogger (kasperspiro.com), author (trainingindustry.com, Learning Solutions magazine, CLO magazine and others), speaker at various e-learning conferences around the world.

 His experience includes teaching, authoring textbooks, designing e-learning and developing knowledge management systems, user performance support systems and e-learning systems. His leadership experience ranges from being the CEO of an early internet start-up in the 1990s to his current position as CEO of Easygenerator.

The goal of Easygenerator’s knowledge-sharing platform is to facilitate subject matter experts to capture and share their knowledge with their co-workers.