About me

Kasper smallI’m Kasper Spiro, I have worked in education, performance management, content management, knowledge management and eLearning for over 30 years.  I’m CEO of Easygenerator since 2010. See my LinkedIn profile for more information about my career.

I blog about eLearning and related topics since 2009 and I frequently present at e-learning conferences in Europe, USA, and Asia about the same topics that you will find on this blog. I believe that learning must change in order to keep up with the rapid changes in the society and in corporations. I use this blog to express my ideas and to learn from others.

You can contact me via K.Spiro@Easygenerator.com, Mail@KasperSpiro.Com, Skype (KasperSpiro) or you can tweet me @KasperSpiro. You can visit our corporate website at Easygenerator.com.