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A lot of teachers and professors are using easygenerator to create courses and quizzes. But most of them are on the limited Free Plan. As an individual teacher you very often simply do not have the budget to buy tools.

Get easygenerator (eLearning software) now for free

But from now on we have this offer for you:

The first two teachers from a school that sign up with Easygenerator will get a life time Academy Plan (our most extended plan with a value $59 per month) for free. 

What is the catch? There is none, we give you are eLearning authoring software and you will create cool things with it. We do hope that your management notices how it helps you to save time and improve the quality of your lessons, and that they will consider buying Easygenerator for all your colleagues. That’s it.

What do we offer?

Easygenerator is an online eLearning authoring tool. It is cloud based, so you don’t have to install anything and you can create courses, quizzes and exams with it. On top of that we offer course hosting and result tracking as well. All integrated and now all for free. No charge for you as an author, or for your students.
Why would you be interested.

Save time

Think of all the time you spent correcting the work from your students. easygenerator can do that for you. We have built in result tracking with a report function. No corrections by hand anymore. Students can take the assessments and courses on any device, a school computer, their smart phone, a tablet. No more printing as well!

Improve quality

The other thing is that you can increase your lessons quality.

Flip your classroom

The ‘old school’ method that the students prepare the lesson at home, followed by a lecture in the classroom and a homework assignment after the lesson.
Flipped classroon - traditionalWith the flipped classroom the lecture is done at home and the assignments are done in the classroom. You can do that by replacing the lecture with an instruction video or eLearning course. This frees your instructor led time for working on the assignments. Assisting your students by helping them solve problems they encounter doing assignments, turns out to be a much more effective way of learning.
Flipped classroon

Use e-Learning to flip your classroom

eLearning gives you the ability to raise the level of the home lecture. A course with video and quizzes will be much more effective than just a video recording of you explaining something. Creating eLearning used to be technically challenging and expensive, but that is in the past. You now have elearning software like easygenerator that you can use. You don’t need any training, you don’t need to code anything. It is simple, intuitive and not expensive (there is even a free version). eLearning will not only raise the level of the home lecture it will also give you tracking and tracing. You can see how much time your students have spent and how they did. That is a nice check before class but even more important is that it will give you insight which elements they are struggling with. That is important information in the preparation of your face-to-face lesson.

Use e-Learning to increase retention

You probably have heard about the forgetting curve. In order to protect itself from overload, the brain will forget the majority of the information that is receives.

the forgetting curve
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In order to prevent this to happen you need to repeat things, the more you repeat the better it will stick. Just plain repetition is one thing, but the retention will increase significantly if your brain has to process the information, if you have to think on it. Flipping the classroom in itself already offers a big advantage here, you have time to make your student think in the classroom, because you don’t have to lecture. But you can do better. by applying repetition. But if you repeat the same thing over and over again, it will be very boring. eLearning allows you to follow-up the lesson with a whole series of small courses (learning nuggets or learning snacks) and quizzes. You can offer the content over a period of time, so you repeat it, but you change the form all the time. From video, to a question, to a learning nugget, a small case, to an assignment. This will have a huge effect on the retention, you can increase it from 30% to 80 or even 90%. This is a form of spaced learning, where you spread out the learning over time with the right repetition (repeat something at least three times). Easygenerator now has a special facility for this, called a learning path.

How to apply for a free subscription?

Go to and sign up with your school email address. You will automatically get a free 14 day trial. Email us at Please supply the email address you have used to signup and a link to a LinkedIn page or something similar that allows us to verify that you are actually working in an educational institute. When you are the first or second person from your institute to apply, we will authorize your account for the rest of your professional educational life.

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