CEO of Easygenerator

ICE2014 logoA bit strange to fly 4.000 miles to Washington DC to hear someone speak who lives 30 minutes away from my home. But I liked this presentation. A bit much on what big data is and where it comes from, but he really challenges you to apply it now. His L&D list (see mind map) of types of data that you can use really makes you think. I could do a number of these things, and I don’t do them. He had interesting examples that are already working. One that really surprised me was US+. It is a Google Hangout app that analyzes speech and facial expression to improve conversation. Based on the information the app receives, you will get advice on how to adapt your behavior in the conversation, really cool.


All in all a good presentation and his message is: Big data is not something for L&D for tomorrow, but for today.


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