CEO of Easygenerator

mlearnconNext week is mLearncon, I’m looking forward to it. I went through the description of all the sessions. I was looking for interesting sessions to attend, but also for some trends.

One thing is clear. There are more case studies than last year and the case studies are mostly about real implementations, not pilots. This is a signal of the progress mLearning is making. But the numbers are not overwhelming. This is also what I read and heard elsewhere. There is a group of early adopters implementing serious mLearning projects, but a lot of companies still have many doubts, especially on security. The majority still has to follow.

One expected trend is missing TinCan (or the Xperience API). It was big last year, version one is out and I was expecting a lot from that. I could find just one presentation on TinCan.

There are a lot of sessions on tools and techniques. It looks like the tools and the methods are ready to help you create mLearning. I will check that out for you.

It is as the Mlearncon website says: “Mobile learning isn’t a question of “if,” but “when.” You need to integrate mLearning into your learning and performance mix, or risk getting left behind by the competition.”

The ‘ when’ looks like the big question.  I will attend as many sessions next week as I can to see if I can spot more trends and find more info. And I will try to blog on them. More to follow….

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