#Devlearn TinCan panel: #Tincan is rocking our world

I attended the panel discussion on TinCan this morning; great session. I have tried to capture the session in a mind map. It is clear that TinCan is a major change. It is not only a shift from tracking and tracing to enabling learning experiences, it opens op a whole new world of possibilities. We have to redefine what (e)Learning is or could be. Some remarks at the panel triggered me into this observation:

There is a lot of confusion about TinCan and the impact on our (learning people)  day-to-day activities. I believe this is because the TinCan guys invented a combustion engine. And the public is trying to figure out what is means for their every day live. But there are no cars yet, no roads, no gas stations, no drivers licenses so it is hard to imagine what it means. But the vendors are already stepping in and create the cars, roads and gas stations, new learning theories will emerge and it will become clearer in the future. Best suggestion from the panel: Start dreaming of all the new possibilities (what could you do if you had a car, roads and all). Start dreaming and doing it and request (or force) your vendor that they will enable it (in the spirit of the keynote from John Landau.)

In the session it also became more clear what the AICC adoption of TinCan really means. They will develop their standard CMI5 upon the TinCan API, making it an extension of TinCan. And this is big! All the standard dinosaurs are transforming into new agile forms. And this is great news because they will stop creating boundaries for us but instead they will offer us new opportunities to create great learning experiences. These are revolutionary times!

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