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In a few weeks’ time easygenerator will make a big step towards meeting her mission to change eLearning. We are in the final stages of launching a free edition of easygenerator; it will be available in the first half of October. The official launch will be at November 1st at the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas. In this post I would like to explain why this is such a big thing for us and hopefully for the e-Learning community.

The formal announcement of the launch of this free edition will be made through the easygenerator blog and website, so will all the details of available functionality. The table below shows you the main differences between the free and the subscription edition.

The main differences between the free and the subcription edition

You can read more details at our website, you can also preregister. If you register you will receive an automatic notification when the free version is available you will receive an automatic notification and instructions how to activate.

As said I want to focus on the reasons for bringing out this edition in this post. There are two main reasons.

Changing eLearning
Our mission is to change eLearning. With change we mean better and more effective eLearning. The free edition will have all of the adaptive features we developed in the past year. It allows authors to develop complex adaptive eLearning courses in a very simple way. Easygenerator’s approach places learning objectives in the heart of every eLearning course. This leads to better didactical design, courses that will adapt to the individual learning need of each learner and it has a big impact on the quality of your tracking, tracing and reporting. All of these are important things in improving the quality of eLearning courses. We are very proud of our platform and we believe that it can pave the way to the next generation of eLearning. On top of this we will release our new Flex-Learning approach in December. It will change the way eLearning courses look and how they can be used. It is the first step away from hierarchical book-like structures for eLearning courses.

Changing the business model
The eLearning authoring world is still ruled by ‘old’ business rules. We made a first step to change this with our SaaS based subscription system. This is the next step. What Moodle did for the Learning Management Systems needs to be done for authoring systems as well. This free edition is our contribution to this process.

Click the image to go to the pre-registration form
Click the image to go to the preregistration form and read more about our free edition.
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