Make e-Learning work (bringing e-Learning to the workplace)

Recently I have written a series of post on how to bring E-learning to the workplace. This week I was the keynote speaker at a seminar for companies that are considering to start with e-Learning or do more with e-Learning. I used this opportunity to bring these separate steps together in one comprehensive story. I include the part of my presentation in this post that explains the what and how:

In my LCBQ post of this month I raged against courses as sole e-Learning solution. As you can see in the presentation I do think that courses are a valuable part of an e-Learning solution if they are part of a bigger solution.

The complete solution I have described, can be created with easygenerator. All publications (except the Memotrainer) can be run in any LMS or intranet (like) solution. We work closely together with a Dutch firm (ANewSpring) who has a great adaptive LMS and they have created the Memotrainer which prompts learners with questions via mail. SpacedEd is a similar solution you could use, but we are not able to push questions from easygenerator into SpacedEd as we can do with the Memotrainer. We have have repeatedly approached SpacedEd to make this possible, but they never even responded. This is really a pity because they have a great product, but this is apparently not matched by their communication skills.


  1. Hi,

    Within our company we are still struggling to make social media work. Social media is the cornerstone in this model. Can you give any tips to startup this social media cornerstone?


    • Hi Pete,

      I find it difficult to give general directions except for stimulate it and moderate it. It depends a lot of the type of company you have and the kind of culture you have within the company. If people are not used to share knowledge and communicate you have to work on that first. Social media is a vehicle but if people don’t like to travel….


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