CEO of Easygenerator

Today I was interviewed by Ben Clarck from Rustici software. They do a project for the ADL to investigate what the next version of SCORM should look like. They have called this project Tincan.

SCORM is the standard of the e-Learning industry and now and then we say less nice things about it, but it is our guarantee (most of the times) that content from our authoring systems will actually run in most LMS, and that the learners progress and results are tracked and reported.

I will not bother you with all my wishes (except one!) you can make up your own and participate in the project. On their website you can add ideas, vote for others ideas and you can assign for an interview with Ben to discuss everything in more detail.

The one thing I will bother you with is that I would like to have SCORM as an exchange standard between authoring systems. Our customers invest a lot of time and money in creating content in our tools. Whenever they decide that they want another tool, it is almost impossible to transfer their content to other systems. This is what you call a negative customer lock-in. I’m very much opposed to that. I would like to create a scorm-import export for authoring systems. If we at easygenerator do not deliver what our customers expect from us, they can go to a competitor and take all their content with them!

The project Tincan is almost completed, so if you want to be heard this is the moment. Go to project Tincan, vote and talk to Ben, he really is a nice guy.

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