I rather have no eLearning than Bad eLearning: The serious eLearning manifesto

Yesterday an important initiative was launched: The serious elearning manifesto. It was announced by some of the major thought leaders of our industry: Michael Allen, Clark Quinn, Julie Dirksen and Will Thalheimer and it is supported by many more. What they say is that we create way to much bad eLearning and that we should do a much better job on it. They want us to move from the current eLearning practice into serious eLearning. The table below (part of the manifesto) shows the differences:



When you read this you can do nothing else but agree. It is true that we create bad eLearning and the direction they point us to is the right one. The manifesto contains 23 principles. You can read them here. You can also see a recording of the launching session from yesterday.

If you want you can sign the manifesto, as I did. You will get a cool badge. But more important, we should live up to this!

150x150xSerious-eLearning-Signatory-line5-150x150.png.pagespeed.ic.DXeP5kemTeFor everybody who is attending the learning solution conference in Orlando next week, there will be two sessions on the manifesto. They will be presenting on the #elearningmanifesto at Learning Solutions #LSCon session 105 (and a morning buzz). I will be there as well.


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