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It is the time of the year to look back and to make plans for the new year. In this post I will have a look at 2012 based on the top 10 post of this blog. The top 10 is:

  1. A new metaphor for e-Learning
  2. Food for thought: 50 Educational thinkers
  3. Why Easygenerator will launch a free edition of her authoring software
  4. A new metaphor for e-Learning: learning maps
  5. Agile E-Learning development
  6. Day 2 mobile learning conference #MLearncon: Trends day
  7. How to keep formal e-Learning relevant
  8. New SCORM standard: I (Actor/Agent) Did (Verb) This (Activity) #TinCanApi
  9. Blackboard buys Moodle partners: open source?
  10. (New) e-Learning metaphors: cased based learning


There are three post in this list (on 1, 4 and 10) about a new metaphor for eLearning. A generic one, one on learning maps and one on cased based learning. I do believe that this is a topic that will be big in 2013 as well. We need to find more effective ways to present our learning content to our learners and that means we have to move away from the current ‘book’ and ‘slide show’ metaphors.

50 educational thinkers. A real great series of posts by Donald Clark. I learned a lot, not only by his selection of thinkers but also by his great summaries of their central thoughts.

The launch of our free edition was big for easygenerator (number 3). A new step in easygenerators endeavor to change e-Learning. We are now live with the free edition for two months and are now approaching the 1500 users mark in over 80 countries. That is something that exceeded expectations. Will be interesting to see what will happen in 2013.

Agile e-Learning development. I’m happy that this post is in the top 10. I think the waterfall model and ADDIE have to many limitations. I believe a better way is the agile approach that comes from software development. An other interesting development here is Michael Allens SAM, an agile methodology for eLearning development. On his corporate blog is an interview with him on SAM. We need to move away from ADDIE and SAM might be the way.

My post from the mobile eLearning conference on trends also made the top 10. Well mobile (both smart phones and tablets) is a game changing trend by itself and that day at MLearncon was a very educational day for me. Also the first post where I used my mind map notes. In 2013 there will be a lot more on mobile and on mind maps.

How to keep formal learning relevant. Our world is changing and we have to change too to keep relevant. This is a trend that will be even bigger in 2013, TinCan wil come and will really be a game changer: I can’t wait. Both subjects are in the top 10.

The post on Blackboard is a representative of another trend: consolidation. We will see match more take overs in 2013, Not always for the best, but it will happen more and more, it is a sign that our industry is growing up.

I’m happy to see that this blog is growing (almost 250% up in comparison to 2011) although that is not my goal. My blog remains mainly a place for me to put done notes and thoughts, but it is nice that people appreciate this. I wish you all the best for 2013 it will be an exiting year for everybody in the e-Learning community and I will keep writing about it.

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