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In this demanding world we usually don’t get a few months to create an e-Learning course. And our clients (either internal or external) are rapidly getting more knowledgeable on e-learning and they are demanding an increasing role in the process of developing a course. Therefore we need to work faster, more efficient and we need to involve our clients more in the development process. I do believe that all waterfall methods will fail in this and that we need to turn to other methodologies. I believe in the AGILE approach. At easygenerator we develop our software in an Agile way and it works wonders for us (I wrote about this in an earlier post). I also wrote earlier about Agile e-Learning development in a post for the LCBQ.

Recently I noticed that more and more people are writing about agile e-Learning development. I picked out some interesting post to give you an overview of what is going on. And with my post on curation and moderation in mind, I will give you a short description of the post so you can decide if it is of interest to you.

The agile e-Learning process
Don Bolen presented this at DevLearn (I regret I was not able to attend that session). It gives a very complete overview on how to apply the agile approach for e-Learning. Very informative and practical. A great introduction into the agile e-Learning development process.

Agile and action mapping
Nice post from The Learning generalist on the disadvantages of ADDIE, how to apply an agile method combined action mapping. A very powerful combination. He has more interesting posts on agile e-Learning development. You should also read his series of post: the design manual.

Managing blended learning scenarios by using agile e-Learning development.
An article by Michael Tesar and Stefany Sieber on using agile development for blended learning. Includes an interesting reading list. It is an 5 pages pdf you can download.

Designing for agile learning
A good post on agile with the emphasis om design and again a combimation with action mapping.

Agility and autonomy
Great post by Horald Jarche why agility is the better way. Of course he includes social learning and ‘learning smarter’. He is a member of the Internet Time Alliance after all.

Agile lego and training common factors
A post that explains what agile can do for your planning and comparing it to lego. Interesting post and interesting reading list at the end of the post.

Agile learning – 27 great articles
If you want to read more, see Tony Karrers blog with links to 27 posts about agile e-Learning development.

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