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I’m getting ready for day 2, I will start with a breakfast meeting with Geoff Woods on some commercial issues. Funny to see that face to face meetings are still necessary in spite of all the social media and communication devices we have. I’m looking forward to the Keynote from David Metcalf on mobile delivery and mash ups. I love the technique, but I’m not sure of the practical value. Then a lot of sessions and the day will end with a dinner cruise. I hate my life.

David Metcalf

A really inspiring presentation on mobile delivery and mash ups. At first I was sceptical, I do see a lot of issues with mobile delivery. But he actually showed solutions that are working and are adding value.  See his handout for details: I bought his book, I will read it in the plane on the way back home. I will probably come back on this in a later blog, interesting guy.


I chose a product central session as the next one, with a very promising title “Innovative integrations with portals Social networks and more”. The conclusion for me was: technically almost every thing goes and for connection Perception to a LMS or portal like Sharepoint we have valid business cases. But what to do with tools like Facebook, Twitter. What is the added value of having assessment there, the concept clearly has yet to grow.

Case studies

I decided to spent the afternoon with Case studies. I’m very interested in hearing and learning from other users, from other countries. It’s always different from the Dutch approach (this says a lot about the Dutch and nothing about the others)

Norwegian assessments

During lunch I talked to two guys from Norway they do a lot of things we (or our customers do to). I think we can learn a lot from each other, I will attended their presentation after lunch. They service nationwide exams for ECDL, Boating and Hunting and in doing so they encounter the same challenges we do. We will definitely keep in contact. See presentation:

Shenandoah University QMlive

A presentation on a successful usage of QM live with their university. I’m a great fan of QMlive and this was a real positive story, so that’s nice to hear, for more details see:

Questionmark Perception as a Central Component of a Training Strategy

A presentation by Citi Financial about how they use perception for E-learning. They actually found a way of using perception as main delivery platform for all e-learning content. They do this because they are not able to use scorm and they want to mix assessments and learning content. It is a very creative way of doing it and it probably works, but I don’t think Perception was created for this task. But you can make up your own mind:

In between session I spoke with a lot of Questionmark staff regulating all sort of things. The coolest by far is that Eric Shepherd will take me Friday to the Everglades, so you see it is not all work. Speaking about fun, this evening a dinner cruise, I hope I have sea-legs. Tomorrow the wrap up.

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