CEO of Easygenerator

March 15

Today is the start of the actual conference. I have a breakfast meeting with Howard Eisenberg. He is one of the leading consultants with Questionmark. We will be discussing a topic raised by one of our clients, after that the conference opening. I’m looking forward to it, the program looks promising to me.

The day started with a breakfast meeting with Howard Eisenburg about a custom solution for syncing data from different applications to Perception, provoking actions like scheduling assessments, deleting users et cetera. Interesting developments both in custom developments and in the standard product.

After that the conference kickoff. Some highlights.

QM Live now supports assessments (new release last Friday). I just did a first quick translation, so it is available in Dutch already.  This means that the basis is complete now. Basic question types, versioning, sharing import and export of question sets and now assessments. Not bad for a years work! Complements to Jim Farell and his team.

Greg was demonstrating new reports that are based on the new dataware solution that will be available later this year,  looks great. I got a change to ask what the relationship is or will be between the data warehouse and RMS and I finaly got it. RMS will be an application that will use the data of the data warehouse. That makes sense to me.

Then I went to a session from Greg on Item and test analysis analytics. Fo r me as a manager important general development.

After that I  went to see a presentation from Eric Shepherd on Remote Video Monitoring of Test Takers. Two companies developed intriguing machines and software to monitor on a distance people undergoing assessments. Very interesting, but I’m still processing this and trying to figure out what the possibilities are in the Netherlands. At the end of the session I talked to Jim farell about the secure browser. Jim will provide me with dates on which the new version will be available.

Next I had a meeting with Brian McNamarra (Marketing Director Questionmark) on the European user conference that will be held in Amsterdam on 4  and 5 October. So if you live nearer to Amsterdam than Miami, clear up your schedule and book this. I’m very much looking forward to this event. We put all the dots on the i and now we are ready to go.  We also talked on the new community program Questionmark is implementing, a big improvement over the old facilities, it will be live through shortly. Make a note!
Because the meeting took longer than expected I was late for the benchmarking session of John Kleeman and Greg Pope. But I got the essence. Comparing your results to other similar instituations/companies could give great inside. This is base on very interesting stuff.
Finally I was able to attend the last half hour of a workshop over scorm and standards, let by Steve lay and Daniel Rehak of ADL. Again interesting but complex stuff. Now I’m reading my mail and writing this blog. I’m invited by Eric Shepherd for dinner with an interesting bunch of people, sounds promising.
Tomorrow morning starts with a breakfast appointment with Geoff Wood (VP sales Questuionmark) on some commercial issues.
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