CEO of Easygenerator

Time flies when you’re heaving fun. Already the last day of the conference.

There was a lot of fun last night. We did our dinner cruise, that was great. I got to speak to a lot of people, a real networking opportunity. After the cruise I ended up the one bus that didn’t go to the hotel, instead it went to Bongo’s a Cuban nightclub, that was a first for me. I had fun.

Migrating from V4 to V5

The morning started with encore sessions, I attended the session by Tom Gilkison, on migrating from V4 to V5. I didn’t expect to hear a lot of news, but I did. The first part of the presentation was an overview on the differences between V4 and V5, What’s new and what’s gone. Then some do and don’ts on planning and executing the actual migration. The third part was about the new architecture of V5. Tom’s presentation contains all the details. Another document Tim pointed to is the best practice guide, a must read.

Closing Session

The closing session gave an overview of the conference and the conclusions. It was presented by Eric and the product owners (John, Steve, Greg and Jim). Great to see how that concept is working, great team. Some of the highlights for me were:

  • QMlive will be in the end the complete authoring environment.
  • QWmise will become QMwiseR (with webservices)
  • Authoring manager will get a portal like interface using Qframes

All that is left to say is that all presentations can be found on  I’m will take 2 days of now and will enjoy Miami as much as I can. I will be flying home on Friday. It was a great conference. On to  Amsterdam were the European User conference will be in October.

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