CEO of Easygenerator

I’m attending the QM user conference in Miami, and I will try to log the events in a series of blogs.

March 13

I arrived in Miami on Saturday evening. Quite a bumpy trip. I had to make a stopover in Philadelphia, but the weather was so bad we got redirected to Banger (wherever that may be). In the end we did fly direct to Philadelphia, but it wasn’t a smooth landing at all. My connecting flight was delayed so I arrived at the hotel at 23.00. That’s 20 hours door to door.

March 14

After a few hours of sleep I got up early and wandered around in the downtown area of Miami. I walked up to the bay side market place and had a nice breakfast at a harbor.  I’m not impressed with the downtown area. Back in the hotel I joined a QM conference group, we where supposed  to go on a go-tour ( gps guided tour) but something went wrong in de reservation. We ended up doing the duck tours, that was fun. You step into an amphibious vehicle, drive around and then plunge into the water. it was fun. After the tour I started discovering Miami beach, that’s the place to be. Miami is a bit strange. Downtown Miami is on the coast, Miami beach is an isle 2,5 miles in to ocean, they are connected through a series of bridges, that run along a number of small islands. All these islands are artificial. They are home to the rich and famous. Miami beach is the place where it all happens, I walked around for a few hours enjoying the city. I think I don’t mind that I have a little extra time after the conference.

At 19.30 we had the informal opening of the conference (a pool side reception). Got to meet a lot of old acquaintances and made some new. Made a lot of appointments with Questionmark staff for the coming days. After the reception we went into town for a dinner. Raphael (who lives in Miami and is Argentinian) took us surprisingly to an Argentinian steakhouse, it was great. It was close to one before I was back in my room. Tomorrow the real work starts.

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