CEO of Easygenerator

Social networks  are becoming more and more and important part of every day life for me.  Probably nothing special, I’m not really an early adapter when it comes to this.  But it is really becoming a main stream thing. I’m using several tools at this moment. At Stoas we have an Sakai environment to support our projects, we use a wiki and a blog to log all our technical data, I use Twitter (a little).  At Stoas we use Yammer (an incompany Twitter),  I use Moodle to take part in discussions of the Moodle partner network, I write this blog and I use Linked in. And most important customers are starting to ask serious questions about this theme and we are doing some interesting projects using Moodle/Mahara/Elgg.

One of the most important networks for me is LinkedIn. It is really beginning to pay of.  I’m using it to:

  1. Have one central point with all my information
    I have a background in content management, I want to store information once and Use it many times. My about Kasper page in this blog only contains a link to my LinkedIn page.
  2. Get introduced to people I want to meet.
    If I’m looking for someone there is usually somebody in my network who is connected to the solution.
  3. Find people to work for us
    We recently posted for the first time a job on linked in (Interim IT manager), I got over 100  responses and more important we found the right guy.

But I’m a true believer of blended solutions, so my conference phone, WebEx meetings, Skype and DimDim sessions and face to face meetings are still a very important part of my tool set. I don’t think that will ever change.

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