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I’m back home in the Netherlands after LSCON13. I owe you one keynote a a conference wrap up.

Yvonne Camus, Adventurer, Executive and Performance Expert, Leading a high performance life

Yvonne participated in the Eco challenge, a team expeditions race over 300 miles that ou have to complete in 12 days, through the Borneo jungle. It is a race that in principle is impossible to finish. She trained for 6 months with her team next to her job and her family live. A team consist out of four persons with at least one woman. If anyone drops out of the race the whole team is disqualified.

She was the only woman on the team and therefore the least powerful and the slowest. One day during a very bad training session het coach said: 8 out of 10 training are really good, 1 out of ten will be crap, 1 out of 10 will be awesome. And that awesome one you have to focus on. Focus on the last time you were brilliant. Ask yourself what did you do to reach that moment. And try to surpass it.

Based on her experiences in training and during the race she formulated riles for performing great:

  • Great will train with the intention of improving, relentless commitment
  • Surround yourself with incredible people. If two people on the team think exactly alike, one of them is not necessary.
  • You need raving fans
  • Plan to be excellent, energy follows thought; we move towards but never beyond what we can imagine.
  • Things go wrong. You trip over small things, like blisters, and that will distract you from your big goal.
  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, misery doesn’t discriminate.
  • Visualize success, great things happens twice, first in your mind and then in reality

Conference wrap up

I’m not completely sure what to think about this year’s Learning Solutions conference, for us as a vendor it was a good show, a lot of interest in easygenerator  and our free edition, and a nice bunch of solid leads and I was able to do some great networking. As far as the conference goes I’m less positive. The key notes were not on the same level as they were in the past two years that I have attended. Maybe I’m getting spoiled, but the past two years the keynotes made me rethink some of my ideas and gave me new insights. I had the feeling that I had to do something with what I learned. I went through the backchannel to read other summaries in order to see if have missed out on something important. The theme is clear it is about high performance. Great stories were told, it was entertaining, but I didn’t get any ‘Aha moment’, no big new insights.

The same goes for this year’s concurrent sessions. The main themes are mobile (and TinCan), performance support, creating more attractive (less boring) eLearning. A bit the same as last year. Last year we had the rise of TinCan and HTML5 vs Flash, this is still there but it is not new. For me the most informative session was from the AICC about CMI-5. That was interesting because I finally understand how all the standards relate to each other and what the future will be (see my previous post for details). So my conclusion must be; a nice conference but it didn’t blow me away. To put this in perspective. If I have to compare this conference to some of the European conferences (Like the Online Educa in Berlin and Learning technology in London), it is still a different league. On a scale from 1 to 10 LSCon13 would score a 7, the European shows will be around the 3-5 mark. I definitely will be here next year again (and I will go the Mlearn and Devlearn). They are as far as I’m concerned the top3 conferences worldwide.

I have also wrote post on day 1 and day 2 of the conference.

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