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Yesterday we had day 1 of LSCON2013 and here are my findings. I attended a few sessions that I will report on in this post. I had to spent quit some time at our booth, because there is a lot of interest in easygenerator so I haven’t been able to attend all the sessions I planned. if you want to have a more complete overview, you should go to the conference back channel.


Breaking Down Barriers to Successful Performance Support – Conrad Gottfredson and Bob Mosher
The first session was a morning buzz session. These kind of sessions start at 7.15 and are very informal. This one was about Performance support. I was interested because I thing performance support, training and eLearning together will integrate learning into the workplace. You can download their presentation through Mapdeck (search for ‘performance support’). Some of the top quotes for me:

  • Training can’t do the job alone
  • Things that block: Politics, ICT
  • support is only 2 clicks or 10 seconds away

Interesting for me was to hear eLearning specialist talk about the need to over a part of their training effort to performance support, in order to connect to the business and the business goals more. Definitely a trend in the learning (and support) land.

Keynote: Robert Ballard, Scientist and Ocean ExplorerI saw about 3 quarter of his presentation and than I had to leave to set up our stand at the expo. Interesting story about exploring the underwater world and innovative findings to make that happen. It didn’t do it for me, nice stories, but not really something I could take away from this presentation.

Myths and Realities of Cloud-based technologies for learning – Michael Allen,   Shannon JacksonLike easygenerator ZebraZapps is a cloud-based authoring tool. They encounter resistance with companies to move their content to the cloud. But they found out that it is fear of the unknown. In a survey they found that only 16% of the respondents was able to give a somewhat correct definition of the cloud. Over 50% claimed that they will never use the cloud. But without knowing over 90% of them uses the cloud. Google aps, dropbox, facebook, Flikr are all cloud based solutions. In fact the cloud is nothing else then a bunch of web servers behind a firewall, like the servers data would live on your corporate servers. It is clearly fear of the unknown that drives people here. Good presentation and good initiative.

Your eLearning lives up in the cloud what does it mean? Facilitator: Joe Ganci, Panelists: Gary Lipkowitz, Glenn Bull, Lisa Stortz, Robert Gadd, Shannon Jackson

I was on my way to the second keynote of the day, when I passed the Technology Solution stage, which is hosted by Joe Ganci this year. He was just starting up a panel with vendors of cloud based tools. Before I knew it he grabbed me and added me to the panel. I think it was a nice session, like the session by Zebrazapps we tried to explain what the cloud is and take away the fear by adding facts.

The rest of the day I spent in the booth of easygenerator (come by when you are in Orlando -booth 515-). I haven’t made my mind up yet about this years conference. I haven’t been blown away by presentations yet (like last year). Let see what the second day will bring.

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