CEO of Easygenerator

I will be leaving to Berlin to attend the online Educa after I have finished this post. This year easygenerator will have a booth (B44). We share this booth with our friends of ANewSpring, ur german partner ILT will join us and I represent LINGOs at the online Educa.

I don’t like the standard setup of expos as the online Educa. I have proposed a new setup, a sort of lounge room where you can rent a couch (instead of a booth) and where you can sit down and actually can have a good conversation with somebody. The organization did not want to do that. We have created our own mini lounge now. We have a bit bigger booth with couches, so if you are there come and lounge with me in Booth B44. We are just across the bar next to the main lobby.

At Thursday we will be present at the ‘Demonstration and best practices event’. Together with a new spring we will show how you can implement true adaptive learning.

This year I will go by car, because I have a whole booth to carry with me, to big and heavy for a plane. It’s 650 kilometers drive. Hope to get there before the evening. And I have to find some time to report to you from the Online Educa. Tomorrow is a promising day, I will attend a pre-conference workshop about the future of corporate learning. I just got a lists of the attendees there, that looks promising.

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