CEO of Easygenerator

I have changed the title of my blog from ‘kasperspiro’s Blog’ to ‘Change to learn’. Of course I should have done that when or even before I wrote my first blog, but it is not unusual for me to act before I think.  I wrote the blog before I knew what I was going to blog about.

Learning and Changing are the most important ingredients of my education and of my working live. First I was a teacher, later I became a (change) manager. It took me a while to discover that learning and changing are the flip sides of the same coin. True learning always invokes change, and true change always invokes learning. That’s why I love being a manager at a changing e-learning company.

Of course it depends on how you define learning. For me transfer of knowledge does not define learning, but a change in behaviour does. I believe that in order to change and really learn people have to be ‘forced’ in new and different circumstances and experiences in order to break through their normal behaviour and really learn and change.

I also believe in the expression ‘standstill is regression’ (Or ‘movement is progress’) and I apply this to my work. I constantly try to implement all sorts of interventions in order to force people to change and learn (I’m not sure that I would be happy with myself as a my line manager).

I regard myself as a change manager, even in my regular work at Stoas as a line manager. I find my work as a line and product manager important, but it is all an ‘excuse’ to play a role in the changes that are taking place at Stoas. Changing and improving the solutions we offer to our customers and the way we offer and create them. The ultimate goal is to make Stoas into a permanent changing and learning organisation. I suppose that the bottom line is that I’m learning and changing all the time, I hope this makes me a Learning Manager.

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