My first blog

My first blog, to be honest  it’s more of an experiment than an actual blog. I’m very curious to see how long it takes before anyone picks this up. It’s like spreading a ridiculous gossip in your village and see how long it takes for you self to hear it back

I’m working in the field of E-learning. I’m ‘Manager Learning Technology’ at Stoas (See my Linkedin profile for more details). We are trying to build a consistent learning framework so that we can create working learning solutions for our customers. Therefore I visited last week the online Educa in Berlin, it was my first visit.

At Stoas I’m responsible for partner relations and selecting new partners and products, so this was more or less home for me, almost everybody was there. Very convenient to catch up live instead of through a conference call, Skype session or web ex meeting.

We are the Moodle partner in the Netherlands and we had an Moodle stand with the European Moodle partners. Therefore we stayed in the same hotel as the Moodle partners and it was the first time I met Martin Dougiamas, the founding father of Moodle (the number 1 CMS in the world). I must say it was a pleasure. Seldom I met someone who was as influential and modest as he is, great guy.

Meeting Martin was one of the highlights of the conference, but there where some downers too. I saw too many bad presentations. Maybe we have to ban PowerPoint from these gatherings, I think it would improve the quality. My most interesting session was an unconference led by Jay Cross, I think that says enough…..

If anyone reads this post, I might post another sometime


  1. Hi Kasper,
    Great to see you started this experiment! Now you know 1 person has read the post :)) Hope you continue using this great instrument for reflecting, profiling, networking & more.

    One question to you: what inspired you to start discovering this?


  2. Hi Kasper,

    Great to meet you in the edublog world with your own blog! Please keep sharing. Regarding your post: you triggered me by saying that the Jay Cross session was the most interesting session.

    If it is not only about the format but also about his subject (informal learning) and his beliefs, it was not only an interesting session but also an interesting remark.

    Because imho: the Jay Cross approach is almost completely different from the general Stoas approach on e-Learning. It holds different beliefs, different content models, different perspectives on knowledge management and different perspectives on the roles of learners and designers. It implies we need to reshape or adjust our e-Learning strategy.

    So I’m curious about your thoughts on that!

    Warm regards, Marcel


    • Hi Marcel,
      I hope I don’t disappoint you but the remark was just in regards to the session. But I do think that we need to alter our approach to projects and elearning at Stoas. Today we will get a presentation on a Agile approach in the management team, so who knows?


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