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This week the Fosway group published her new 9-grid report about authoring tools. It is nice that Easygenerator is listed again, confirming our place between the leading authoring tools. But even more interesting is that the report confirms all the strategic choices Easygenerator made over the past few years.

Responsive, video and user-generated content

The Fosway report: “Buyers now want responsive design as standard, and to enable video usage and user-generated content”.

Easygenerator is on track for each of these points. All publications made with Easygenerator are responsive. Easygenerator is the only authoring tool that has invested in video delivery, offering an integrated free streaming video service of the highest quality. But probably most significant is that Easygenerator is the only authoring tool with a track record for user-generated learning. In 2016 contracts were signed with companies like Nielsen, T-Mobile and Unilever. They use Easygenerator to facilitate knowledge capturing and sharing by their subject matter experts. For me, this shows that we are not only ready for these trends, but our clients have already implemented them with Easygenerator. This gives us an enormous advantage in comparison to other authoring solutions. We are setting the trends.

Desktop versus Saas

The Fosway report: “Desktop tools still dominate but are increasingly failing to meet enterprise needs”.

SaaS is the future and Easygenerator is one of the few listed authoring tools that is a 100% SaaS solution. Because we are a SaaS solution from the beginning we are already moving further. We are improving our SaaS architecture all the time to increase security, reach 100% uptime and improve performance. I really do not understand that desktop solutions are still dominating the market, and I certain that that will not be the case anymore in two years time.

More than e-Learning content

The Fosway report: “Authoring tools should encompass the full learning cycle”.

With this, they mean that authoring tools should facilitate more than courses and quizzes. The full content generation for knowledge sharing, performance support, and workplace learning should be supported. And Easygenerator is doing this. We already facilitate content curation in a unique way and we will extend the number of content types that we support: best practices, flash cards, how to documents and more.

I also noticed a website called Elearning-Software that made a comparison between Easygenerator and Articulate Storyline. It clearly indicates that in a lot of areas Easygenerator is their preferred tool (See e-Learning Authoring Software Comparison).


The Fosway report: “Publishing xAPI is starting to truly differentiate authoring systems”.

Easygenerator has built in XAPI from the moment of launch recognizing that this technique is the future of tracking and tracing. Easygenerator even offers free report tracking in her solution based on XAPI; that is unique for an authoring tool. We are ready to implement CMI5 (new SCORM successor based on xAPI). See this post if you want to learn more about xAPI and CMI5.

All in all a great confirmation that we are on the right track. When you are developing software you have to read trends before they go mainstream, simply because you need time to built solutions for them.  It turns out we are pretty good at that.

Business is booming

We already knew that we are doing the right things in the right way. Easygenerator doubled its revenue both in 2015 and 2016 and we will at least do that again in 2017. In two years time, we transformed from a company with mainly Dutch clients to an organization that has customers in over 40 countries. 86 % of the revenue is generated outside The Netherlands.

Easygenerator's international customer base.
Easygenerator’s international customer base.

In 2016 Easygenerator generated 33% of all the revenue in the United States, making it our main market. But also countries like the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia and Canada are fast growing markets for Easygenerator. These figures and the Fosway reports are both confirmations of the bright future of Easygenerator.

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