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Trends in Learning and Development – I’ve been writing about them for over 10 years now. Recently, I decided that I’d like to change my approach. Rather than detailing my personal thoughts and experiences, I’d instead like to provide a wide variety of engaging interviews. Whether managers, consultants, or L&D leaders, I want to understand the most significant challenges they face and how they go about solving them. My intention is to publish these interviews on my blog as well as in a podcast series.

But first, I need to know what these challenges are. I have put together a list, but it feels incomplete. I need your input! I have created a survey where you can vote on my top 10 challenges, as well as add challenges of your own. It will just take a couple minutes of your time.

I will publish the outcome of the survey in a post. Afterwards, I will begin conducting the interviews about these pressing challenges.

Click the image to start!


Thank you in advance!

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