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Dyslexia is a big problem if you have it. Not being able to read normally is a big handicap. Dutch designer Christian Boer is a dyslexic himself, and he developed a new font; the Dyslexie font. It makes reading easier for people with dyslexia.


I’m not dyslectic, so I can’t really judge how much this helps. But it is done really smart. A part of the problem is that many letters in the western alphabet are really similar. As a result, people with dyslexia will flip and turn letters and mix them up. Christian made small changes to these letters so they are less alike. Simple but smart. Here is a video about the font that contains more details:

You can use this font for free for home use or buy a license for educational or corporate usage. We have added the Dyslexie font to our e-Learning authoring software Easygenerator this week, so you can check it out in Easygenerator (In the design tab) as well. To download the font or for more information go to the dyslexie font website.

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