CEO of Easygenerator

We added a really cool feature to our eLearning software Easygenerator this week, the “Review option”. You can now invite anyone (they do not need  a subscription) to your course  by sharing a link and they can view the course in any browser. They will see it in exactly the same way a learner will, but as an extra they can add comments to each element (text, titles, images, answer options and more). These comments will be available for the author inside the authoring environment, so he can process them. No more emailing of courses to reviewers, checking spread sheets with their remarks. It is all built into our platform and it is very simple and effective. This could be your greatest time saver ever!

You can check it out by signing up for our free 14 day trial of Easygenerator, or you can watch this 80 second video.

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