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The end of the first day of LSCON and Ecocon. Time for a first retrospective.

Tom Wujec
The highlight of today was the opening keynote by Tom Wujec. I wrote a post earlier on this presentation, but it made me think a lot. So I checked him out in more detail. Here is a link to his Marshmallow challenge. My research did not help me much, so for now the conclusion is: He tells us everything will change and that means that we are educating people for jobs and roles that do not exist today. Therefore there is litle sense in training them in the job skills and knowledge. We need to get them ready for a life of life long learning, enabling them with skills for that. On top of that the role of the computer will increase dramatically forcing us to focus on the creative side of things.

Panel and ecosystem

Both the panel on performance support and the ecosystem session I attended were interesting. But there was much more to this day.

I started the day with a morning buzz session of LINGOs. The organization that helps great people doing even greater things, they support 80 NGO’s with eLearning facilities and knowledge. I’m an ambassador for them. We as learning community should support them as much as we can. You can meet them at LSCON (they have a table close to the registration desk) chek in and see what you can do. Not on Orlando, check out their website, especially their volunteer section.

I had a whole bunch of other meetings, some business meetings with which I will not bore you. But I also spoke with Bill Brandon about publishing some articles in the Learning Solution magazine. We came up with some nice ideas. But again, you can do this as well. You can write for the magazine or the twist blog or just publish your content at the new Learning exchange platform that was launched today by the guild. Don’t be shy, your experiences are valuable to other members, so start sharing!

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