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Next week I will be attending the Learning Solutions conference and the co-located Learning Performance Ecosystem conference. I have checked out the conference program for you so you can see if there is anything of interest for you. This is hopefully helpful if you are attending, but if you do not go to Orlando there are many ways to tap into the rich conference resources. I have listed them as well.

Shared keynotes of LSCON and ECOcon

Both events are being held in the same hotel. They have separate sessions but they share the keynotes. As always there are three:

Tom Wujec – Return on imagination
Tom Wujec will open the conference with a keynote about innovation in Fortune 100 companies. he promises that I “will learn from proven approaches that encourage exploration, engagement, prototyping, and innovation testing.” We will see.

Michael Furdyk – The future of learning at work
This is about workplace learning, how to use available devices and techniques and social media to engage learner in their workplace.

Juliette Lamontagne – Design Thinking to enhance learning
A keynote about design thinking, learning innovation and solving real world problems.

I’m curious to see what they will bring. The descriptions are not a guarantee for great keynotes. I do not know any of them. But Learning Solutions has a great track record for great keynotes, so I do hope that they will surprise and inspire me.

Learning solutions conference March 25 -27, Orlando

This years theme is ‘The convergence of technology and training’. There are three featured panels:ls15-logo

  1. The power of community in the new social workplace
  2. The importance of adding performance support to the mix
  3. Bridging the gender gap

All panels have interesting panel members. From Jane Bozarth to JD Dillon. I attended a session of JD Dillon last year at Devlearn (see my session report) , that was really inspiring. I’m looking forward to these sessions.

Morning Buzz sessions
Morning buzz sessions are great. You gather with your coffee with a group of people and discuss a certain topic. Great way to start the day, although they are really early.

LSCON concurrent sessions
As always the conference starts for me already at home. I download the app (LSCON) and start selecting potential sessions that I want to attend. There are a lot of design and instructional design sessions available this year and a lot of them are dealing with gamification, ans responsive (mobile) design. Other repeating topics are agile, XAPI, SMe’s as authors and curation. Quit surprisingly hardly any workplace learning sessions. I have selected 4 or 5 sessions for some time slots. So the conclusion is that I will have a good time and learn a lot, but I also have to make some difficult choices.

Learning Performance Ecosystem March 25 -27, Orlando

This years theme is ‘Building connections that matter’. There is a super session by keynote Tom Wujec. He will help us toeco15_600 visualize and contextualize your organization’s Learning and Performance Ecosystem. There is also a featured session by Marc Rosenberg and Steve Foreman. Their session has the same title as the white paper the wrote for the eLearning guild, so I’m not sure if the session will add a lot of added value.

Ecocon concurrent sessions

There are about 20 concurrent sessions, a lot with case studies. I have to dive in deeper to see what is really interestingand what not. It is clear that in combination with LSCON there are plenty of choices.

Places to go

Preparing for these conference is fun and necessary if you want to get the most out of it. But even if you are not going to attend you can still follow the conference.

David Kelly will host the back channels for both events (LScon back channel and Ecocon back channel). They are a great way to get a quick overview of what is happening and pick out the most interesting posts from the conference.

Follow all tweets and join the conversation via Twitter. Use and follow the hash tags  #LScon and #Ecocon

The websites
The full program with all keynotes and sessions is the for both LSCON en ECOCON

The apps
There are apps for both conferences. A must have if you go, a nice to have if you stay at home and follow. For LSCON search the app stores for ‘LScon’ and ‘Ecosystem 2015’

This blog
I will try to report on every session I attend in this blog. So stay tuned in.

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