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After the post that I wrote on how to find copyright free images I got a number of requests to also share other eLearning sources that I use. Places that get you started in eLearning or will give you more detailed information. Websites that have independent information on eLearning, tools, communities, things like that. So out of the thousands of places to go, here is my top 8. Click on the separate logo’s if you want to check them out.

Elearning sources

1. eLearninglearningelearninglearning

If you want to find the latest post on any eLearning related topic, this is the place to go. ELearningLearning is an aggregator, this means that they automatically collect posts on eLearning for you from selected eLearning blogs around the world (including this one). You can search the side on any topic or keyword and they have a list with most popular posts (based on reads and social interaction). If you subscribe (it is free) you will get a weekly overview in your mail. It is a goldmine and an easy way to keep up or to get started.

2. ELearning industrydownload

ELearningindustry has developed itself over the past two years as one of the major places to get info about eLearning. And it is free. They have a lot of articles published by themselves (and external authors like me), they have very active LinkedIn groups and they also have elearning feeds where they collect blog posts on eLearning. This is also a great entrance point if you are looking for post on certain topics.

3. Performer support communityPerformer support logo

A real cool community that takes it to the next level. It is not just about eLearning but about how to support workers in their moment of learning needs, so it is not about education but about workplace learning. Best community of its kind. It is by invitation only. If you want to become a member, just let me know ( I can invite you.

4. David KellyDavid

You will find the eLearning Guild and the ATD at number 7 and 8 on this list. Not because they don’t give great information but because you have to become a paying member to benefit from their services. Both of them offer great conferences as well. David is the master of the back channels. Collecting post on keynotes, session reports and conference overviews, and putting them for each conference on a single page. It is the next best thing to being there live.

5. Jane Hart jane hart

Jane Hart with her center for Learning & Performance Technologies has earned her place on the list. Jane focuses a lot on workplace learning and has great info on her website, but she is most famous for her Top 100 tools for Learning. If you are looking for a tool, you should check out her list. And you will find easygenerator on the list as well.

learning theories6. Learning theories

A great side if you want to get an introduction in learning theories. They have a very rich overview of all (e)learning theories. You will find an overview of the main streams (from behaviorism to humanism) with a description and for each stream they have more details on a number of the primary thinkers. If you want to expand your knowledge in eLearning, this is a great way to start.

7. The eLearning guildguild

Probably my favorite place to get info on eLearning, it is a community for eLearning professionals. They have some free access, but to get to the interesting downloads you should become a member ($99 per year). They have reports, conferences, blogs, online sessions and a true eLearning community and of course the Learning Solutions Magazine which has often great articles and is free. I attend many of their conferences and I always report on them through this blog. I will visit the Learning Solutions conference this month en blog about it.

8. ATDdownload (1)

The ATD focuses on learning and development and not solely on eLearning. It requires a paid membership as well. They also have local chapters all over the world, this will give you an opportunity to connect to people in your area!. A huge amount of info, also conferences and more.


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