Sell your eLearning course? Here are three options

More and more people are creating eLearning and for very different purposes. Making money with them is often one. This post will tell you how to do that.


Create your eLearning courses and sell them

Some of the services offer an authoring facility, for other you need to create your course in eLearning software like Easygenerator. Notice that some of them will require you to upload your courses in a specific format (Scorm or AICC). So make your choice for a selling platform and check the upload requirements. If this is a specific format, make sure that your authoring tool supports that format.

Open sesame

Open sesame is a marketplace for eLearning courses. They have a nice option for buyers of a course to run your courses in their own Learning management system. You have to create courses in an external authoring tool and then upload it (In SCORM or AICC). They don’t charge anything upfront, but will take 40% of your revenue. More info: Opensesame 


Upload your course and share or sell it. Nice feature where you students can upload material to your project. Skillshare will take 30% of your revenue.  More info: Skillshare


Udemy offers the same services as Skilshare and Open Sesame, but it has a build in authoring environment. Easy to start, but they will take a 50% cut of your revenue. More info: Udemy


I know that there are some more services. You can create your own website for example with wordpress and a plugin that will help you sell your course. The advantage is that you don’t have any revenue sharing, but you also miss out on the marketing of the three I put in the list. They generate a lot of traffic for you that will help you sell more courses. So your own website is only an option if you figure out the marketing.

Do you know other services and know how they work from first hand experience? Let me know. I will add them to the list. Leave a reply with the info or post them at twitter to @kasperspiro


  1. Hi Kasper,
    Great blog and easygenerator is a great product! The services you mentioned are very popular but they are all mostly marketplaces where you potentially have to compete with other trainers. There are more and more platforms like LearningCart ( that allow you to create your own website focused on selling your courses. LearningCart for example comes with a built in content management system, ecommerce system, and LMS so there is no need to worry about any sort of additional plugins.


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