#Devlearn 2014 Knowledge management morning buzz session

An interesting discussion about knowledge management. Key outcome as an organization you can’t manage knowledge but you can facilitate this. Even a bit stronger without facilitating: curation, offering a structure like a taxonomy, having a tool as central place it will not work. Here are my notes.



  1. […] Morning buzz session on knowledge management Keynote: Niel de Grasse Tyson: Science literacy and the future of work Session: Learning and performance ecosystems Session: Trends leading to the end of the LM Keynote: Beau Lotto. How perception shapes the universe of the min Session: Graig Weiss: top 10 authoring tools of 2014 Session, Lisa Minogue: What organizations can learn from the MOOC experience Session: The impact of wearable technology on performance support Morning buzz: WYSIWYG is dead Session. Transform users into contributors […]


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