CEO of Easygenerator

Joe talked about a ton of authoring tools in this presentation. Too much to list here, go to the conference download for the complete overview ( I will just go over some of the things he told us. Joe also has his column on tools: for more info.

Joe states that authoring tools are either powerful or easy to use. The combination doesn’t really exists. He divides tools into three categories: power plug plugins, installed tools and cloud based tools. In general he says that the plugins are easy to use but not that powerful, the installed tools are the most powerful and complex and the web based tools tend to be easier to use. The other trend he sees is that everything will be moving to the cloud sooner or later.

Mobile does affect the type of content that is being created. Lessons are becoming shorter, delivered just in time and more social.

Flash vs HTML5. Flash still isn’t dead despite of the problem on mobile platforms. But it will be HTML5 in the future. is a site where you can test how compatible your course is with HTML5. Big problem with HTML5 is that still many people use old browsers like Internet Explorer 8 that don’t support HTML5.

Finally his advise. Probably you need more tools and use each tool to its strength.

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