CEO of Easygenerator

ICE2014 logoAn inspiring keynote that is hard to catch in a blog or a mind map. He is an inspirational speaker so you should see him. He gave a great presentation, sharing the story of his life. Growing up as kid of two addict parents, saved and raised by his grandparents. Learned his life lessons at the play ground. Went into the army as a translator for 10 years, than became an NBA coach and ended up with Nike in a free role he called ‘Katalyst’. A role where he helped others turn ideas and dreams into practice.He now has his own company Katalyst ( He promotes the idea of play to solve problems, innovate and many other things. On his website you will also find an interesting reading list of books he quotes a lot in his talk.

I found a Ted video from him, that is probably the best way to share his thoughts. It is worth watching:

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