CEO of Easygenerator

ICE2014 logoThe first keynote of the conference by Arianna Huffington. No success stories about the Huffington post, but a presentation on Well-being, Wisdom and Wonder. Arianna had a burnout caused by sleep-deprivation and non-stop working. This made her wonder if this was the way she wanted to live her life and the answer is no. Her basic message is that you have to take care of yourself and (as a manager) of your employees. Get enough sleep, go offline, don’t try to multitask. She wrote a book with 12 practical tips (things to do) in order to take better care of yourself. She claims that if you are fitter you will be more productive, resilient and creative, and she is probably right. From that perspective it has something to do with learning; fitter learners learn better. But if she told me that in the first 5 minutes and then told me about starting The Huffington Post and other lessons learned, I would have been much happier. But she does have a good point though.



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