#Mlearncon keynote: Tamar Elkeles: a culture clash!

Tamar is CLO at Qualqomm. She started out with expressing her astonishment that we all flew to San Jose to attend a conference on mobile learning and she challenged the Guild to do it through mobile devices next year. That was a fair warning for what was to come.

After this intro she gave us the ‘normal’ analysis of the ‘ digital natives’ that will swarm our workplace very soon. Nothing new there. But after that she began telling what they are actually doing at Qualcomm.


Basically it is very simple, they are creating an ecosystem of apps, all kinds of them. Apps that will help you navigate an office, library apps, on-boarding apps, community apps, news apps, story apps, the complete list is in the mind map. No courses but just apps.

What they are doing is simply creating an environment that is the same as you use as a private person. An ecosystem like you have on the web or your mobile device that will bring you answers and solve problems. Makes sense and sounds simple, but it is a whole different approach to corporate learning. And at the same time very disruptive for an audience of instructional designers that create courses and for me as someone who’s company creates a course authoring tool.

It sounds simple and logical but it is a different way of thinking and a different culture and probably the better one. Makes me think; which makes this a great key-note. I spoke to her at the book signing session. She told me that there is still room for content as long as it is mobile and short. We just added HTML5 capabilities to easygenerator and will have the ability to publish courses through an app soon, but still I didn’t knew that the future was already here.



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