CEO of Easygenerator

Tomorrow is the start of the Learning Solution conference, but for me it started today. The Ipad/Iphone app is now available and that is a great way to start the conference. You can easily browse through all the session, see the presentations and add them to your schedule with one click. I love it.

There are a lot of session that I want to attend, I hope that it will be possible, because I have to be at the booth as well. There is another innovation at the LSCON; Map Deck. All presentations are online and Map Deck enables you to pick out slides and put them in your own collection: Either online or in PowerPoint. I took a short glance at it and if it works that is really an added value. At first hand it looks a bit complicated because it is not integrated into the guild website and app. See this link for instructions.

This evening I will join a session for vendors on project TinCan. Project TinCan was a research by Rustici software (sponsored by ADL) into the next generation Scorm. It now looks like this project will be the next Scorm standard. As far as I understood they will enable all kind of social inter-activities. I will find out more this evening and will let you know tomorrow (I plan to write a post each conference day)

And I will meet with my colleagues Steve Harz (from the US) and Sasha Chernenko (from the Ukraine). We don’t meet a lot face to face and I’m really looking forward to sit down with them instead of all the virtual meetings we have all the time. Dan Richards and Ron Wincek from our US partner Interactive Advantage will join us for dinner. All in all a good pre-start of the conference.

I hope to meet a lot of you tomorrow, here is where you can find me: in our booth #409 most of the time. I present from 2.30 to 3.30 on learning maps (International center) and from 4 to 4.45 on The next generation of e-Learning (Grand Ballroom, emerging technology stage). I will join the Lingos dinner in the evening.

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