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Last year I wrote a series of post on outcome learning. I have continued to work on this and now I have a new version. In the earlier version I combined didactic principles with a management theory. I order to make it more complete I now added principles from Agile (Scrum) software development and my ideas about a new learning metaphor.

I presented on this subject at the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas last November. The US partner of easygenerator (Interactive Advantage) organizes webinars on a regular basis and they have asked me to present on this approach. The webinar will be February 15 on 10.00 am EST and a second one at 02.00 pm EST. You are welcome to attend (see details here).

If you want to read some background info on me, you can best look at my LinkedIn profile. Although I will present new material you might want to read some relevant post from past year:

I will post my presentation after the webinar.

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