CEO of Easygenerator

The pre conference day is almost over. Great day. This morning I registered for the conference and I got to meet some people from the guild that I worked with over the past few months, but never met in real live. And I received the conference  bag with our logo on it, it looks great. After that I had an interview with Bill Brandon. He is the Managing Editor of the Learning Solutions e-Magazine at the eLearning Guild. He will publish his article in the magazine tomorrow. I saw his concept and he does say very nice things about easygenerator. Some quotes are:

“The new version adds content reuse features, workflow management, version control, and great functionality that applies some of the latest and best information we have about learning, in a way that will redefine the usage of learning objectives.”

“The result of this philosophy is a set of innovative features and functionalities, such as the objective dashboard, which sets up the connection between learning objectives and the content of the eLearning. easygenerator separates content from presentation in a way that facilitates re-use and supports localization and translation to other languages.”

You can read the whole article tomorrow in the Learning Solutions e-Magazine.

Next was a meeting with Cheri Bruno with whom I made arrangements for our participation in the Learning Solution conference in Orlando. Then we build up our booth at the expo and after that we went for a quick shopping streak in an outlet followed by some ordinary work (mail and phone calls).

The afternoon ended with a session with Joe Ganci. I showed him the latest version of easygenerator. Joe will review easygenerator this month and we will hopefully improve easygenerator further based on his remarks. I’m looking forward to that.

The day ended with my first meeting with our US colleague Steve Harz, who joined easygenerator last week. Despite a shared jet lag (3 hours for him, 8 for us) we had a great dinner. Steve will introduce himself in a blog on our corporate website later this week. I look forward working with Steve, I have great expectations.

Picture of the day: Steve Harz

Easygenerator is growing rapidly. Next to Steve we had three new people joining us from the first of November. Beatrijs van de Griendt as senior instructional designer, Martin Boon as User Interface designer and Kseniya Kobryn as our new scrum master. I’m proud that I can call them colleagues now. The fact that we can attract great people must mean that we are moving in the right direction.

Tomorrow day 1 of the conference, with two presentations to give, a booth to man, interesting sessions to attend and a lot of interesting people to meet. Now I will review the presentations of tomorrow and put the dots on the I’s and then I hope to have a good night sleep.

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