CEO of Easygenerator

Tomorrow I’m leaving for the DevLearn conference in Las Vegas. It will be a very important week for easygenerator. We have been working towards this event for the last 10 months; it will be our official US market launch, a big and important step for us.

We finished easygenerator version 8 last week and we believe that we now have a unique authoring environment that really stands out from our competitors. Next week we will find out if our potential customers feel the same. The (or a) moment of truth. I’m really looking forward to it. I will be blogging and tweeting about this event the coming week so you can follow the adventure.

We will do three presentations at DevLearn, a product presentation, a presentation about adaptive (individual) learning (together with our friends of A New Spring) and I will present on Outcome Learning. I hope to finish these presentations in the plane, at the moment they are still work in progress. If you are visiting DevLearn you are more than welcome to these presentations or you can visit us at booth #421.

Meeting people
These conferences are always a great place to network and to meet people. This time it’s special. I will meet my new colleague Steven Harz for the first time. He will be responsible for our US sales. We only spoke through Skype and Gotomeeting, so it will be our first live meeting. I’m also looking forward to meet Ron Wincek and Dan Richards from Interactive Advantage. They are our US partner and will be joining us at Devlearn, another first meeting in the real world. I’m also looking forward to meetings with Eric Berg (from our partner Lingos) and Joe Ganci and hopefully many other people.

DevLearn app
There is an app with all the conference information. I really liked the app the Guild used at the Learning solutions conference. This time I don’t know yet. It looks great and has interesting information but for the crucial parts you have to ‘log in’ and so far I haven’t been able to. I get an annoying error message each time I try. Hopefully it will be solved before the conference.

I will keep you posted through more DevLearn post next week.

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