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Learning Cirquit Big Question blogBecause it is the holiday season we decided at the LCBQ to take on a light subject for this month: “How do you make e-Learning fun”. Well I think that you shouldn’t. In the eighties I wrote a series of textbooks on bookkeeping (I know that there isn’t much fun in that). After I wrote the first book I sent it to the publisher, they corrected it, illustrated it and I got a printed draft version back. They “brightened” it up with all kinds of silly and funny cartoons. Luckily I was able to convince the publisher to remove them (the other option I gave them was to remove my name and all my text). For e-Learning goes the same. I don’t want it funny. I want e-learning to be engaging, effective, attractive, relevant, challenging, to the point but not funny. This doesn’t mean that e-Learning we must create boring e-Learning. I recently saw some e-Learning courses that used story telling I think that is a great way to make it more attractive and compelling. I love courses that have cases or game like elements that give you a more realistic view on how you can apply what you have learned. But I really don’t want to see a happy face after I answered a question correct, or a sad one when I was wrong. Just give me proper feed back!

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