CEO of Easygenerator

At the learning Solutions conference in Orlando I got in touch with LINGOs. It’s a consortium of over 65 international humanitarian relief, development, conservation and health organizations and it offers support to those organizations for e-Learning. They have a community, offer free use of e-Learning tools and have a library of hundreds free e-learning courses. Since three years LINGOs and the ELearning Guild organize the ‘Global give back competition‘ where e-Learning companies create courses (for free) and make them available to the ngo’s. The best courses win an award at the Guild conference.

I think that this is a great initiative and a way for the e-Learning community to make a very valuable contribution. Easygenerator will support LINGOs by making our authoring platform available to LINGOs and their partners and to all e-Learning companies that want to take part in the global give back competition.

In the third year of the competition, already more than 150 individuals and companies are taking part. All companies are from North America except for one. Cegos from France is the only European company (as far as I know) that participates. We (Europe) can do better than that! I will try to get the European E-Learning community involved, starting with this blog. And if you are a CxO of an European E-Learning company, watch your mail box! Or better go to and start contributing. To be continued…..

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