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At the learning solutions conference the opening keynote was delivered by John Medina with his presentation ‘Brain rules for learning’. The key note of his keynote is that it’s not about remembering, but more about not forgetting. If you have to learn facts, they must be repeated, or else you will forget. Therefore it is important to repeat new information regularly. This meade me think of a course I subscribed to in SpacedEd, it did just that.

SpacedEd is a service where you can create and follow courses. They consist only of questions and answers. If you enlist in a course you will get these questions in your mailbox. You will receive them in small amounts (typically 1 or 2 a day) on a regular schedule. They can be accessed through a PC or mobile device. After answering you will get an explanation on the question.

Spaceded course learning obout learning from Jay Cross

The questions you get will adapt based on your answers you gave. To improve retention, they will be repeated several times. If you answer a question wrong it will be repeated sooner. If you get it right one or more times in a row it will be retired from the course. Retire all questions and you have completed the course. The author of the course sets the spacing and repetition schema of the questions, as a learner you can adjust these settings to your liking.

I like this concept because it actually brings learning to the workplace, it’s adaptive and the repetition will improve retention. You can create and follow courses for free, but they also have a paid option. You should try it out. A course I can recommend is ‘Learning about Learning’ by Jay Cross.

This is my second post on bringing learning to the workplace. The first one was about Learning nuggets.

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