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OK, day 2 of the conference.

Key Note: Nancy Duarte: Resonate

Nancy is all about presentations, she has a company that does just that. One of the presentations she was behind was the Al Gore presentation ‘The inconvenient truth’. So she knows what she is talking about and she is a great presenter herself.

She wrote a new book called Resonate. The title is based upon a phenomenon in physics. You can vibrate an object without touching it. If you play a sound with a certain vibration frequency the material will respond to it. See the video with salt on a Chladni plate.

The idea is of course that you want your presentation to resonate your audience and change them. Nice metaphor. We got a copy of the book and I can really recommend it to you, very interesting stuff. The part that I found most interesting was that she found a certain pattern in excellent presentations. In her presentation she showed two: Steve Jobs presentation on the Iphone launch and Martin Luther Kings ‘I have a dream’ speech.

Nancy Duarte sparklineThe lower line refers to the current situation the ‘what is’, the upper line refers to the desired situation, the ‘What could be’. A good presentation starts in the here and now and then switches between what is and what could be and always end with the could be. She analysed it much deeper, interesting stuff. If you want to know more, read here book. There is a relevance to e-Learning content as well!


After this I met Joe Ganci, he is a real e-Learning veteran. He was kind enough to take an hour and a half walking me through the conference and expo and introducing me to lots of interesting people. Amazing that a guy like that wants to do that for me, incredible and priceless to me. I owe him big time. If you read this Joe, thanks again.

Panel discussion

The last general session of the day was an interesting panel, with 6 e-Learning guru’s. They each could speak their mind for 5 minutes. What I got from it was:

– We have to bring learning to the workplace
– It’s not about technology or rules but about people
– Role of e-Learning professionals will change from creator of content to moderator of content
– There is a big role for social media in learning
– It’s about opportunities not about perils.

That was it for the day. I have signed up with another dinner group, will be fun again I expect. Tomorrow the last (half) day of the conference.

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