Linkedin Inmaps, where are the Outmaps?

I’m a big LinkedIn fan, I take part in groups and discussions, use it as my homepage on the web, network through it, have a premium account et cetera. LinkedIn recently added a new feature: the Inmaps. It’s a graphical representation of your LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn map Kasper Spiro

The first few times I tried to generated it crashed, but they did some rework and in the end it worked, although it took a long time (a few days).

My first impression was very positive, it looks cool and the separate colored groups show different parts of your network; companies I have worked for, family and friends, my Dutch e-Learning network and my international e-Learning network. You can edit the descriptions in the legend. You can zoom in and if you click on a dot it presents information on that person. So it works fine.

Then I tried to figure out how is this going to help me build and exploit my professional network. I didn’t succeed, I think it’s fun but quite pointless. What would help me  if I could see the connections of my connections so I can see  to whom I can get an introduction in a certain branch of my network.  I could use an Outmap better then an Inmap. Or am I missing something?


  1. I agree Kasper first you think Wow but then you think what’s the point. When linkedin adds your suggestion it’s sounds usefull


  2. A coworker of mine brought up an interesting related point about Linkedin during a discussion today which may shed light on the idea of an Inmap. If you look at a site like Facebook and contrast it to linked in one of the differences is while Facebook focuses on your friend network or the people your connected to outward, Linkedin really focuses on you, your progress professionally. It’s not about friend collection but rather personal development. The network in Linkedin is more about making yourself marketable to outsiders from their perspective. Your connections have value because there validated in previous work experiences, recommendations, testimonials etc. So, how would an outmap help you when your connections consist of already defined sources that are backing you. To search someone else’s network for potential contacts would be so without that validation.


    • Sorry typing on my phone. So to conclude, I think inmaps have great value because they provide a graphical and impressive view of the validated sources that you bring to the table. Thanks.


  3. Thank you for the post Kasper. I think Inmaps has great potential. In an instant it tells me a few things about my network that would otherwise take longer to pick up.

    Maybe LinkedIn could combine location, industry, area or other information (say from the premium filters) to give me more insights about my network.

    One possible application of this, looking at my network, I can tell if there is concentration within a particular industry or area. That could help me in my strategy as I seek to build my network on LinkedIn.


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