CEO of Easygenerator

I’m a big LinkedIn fan, I take part in groups and discussions, use it as my homepage on the web, network through it, have a premium account et cetera. LinkedIn recently added a new feature: the Inmaps. It’s a graphical representation of your LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn map Kasper Spiro

The first few times I tried to generated it crashed, but they did some rework and in the end it worked, although it took a long time (a few days).

My first impression was very positive, it looks cool and the separate colored groups show different parts of your network; companies I have worked for, family and friends, my Dutch e-Learning network and my international e-Learning network. You can edit the descriptions in the legend. You can zoom in and if you click on a dot it presents information on that person. So it works fine.

Then I tried to figure out how is this going to help me build and exploit my professional network. I didn’t succeed, I think it’s fun but quite pointless. What would help me  if I could see the connections of my connections so I can see  to whom I can get an introduction in a certain branch of my network.  I could use an Outmap better then an Inmap. Or am I missing something?

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