And the learning blender get’s bigger

I like mind maps. Yesterday I was sitting in an airplane on my way back from the Learning Technology exhibition in London just playing with my Ipad. I started a mind map on all kind of terms related to learning, trying to get some structure in it. Here is my result:

This is by no means a complete overview of what we (or better said the learner) has to deal with. It shows the complexity and dynamics of the e-Learning field. What does this mean for us as a developer of an e-Learning authoring system?

I think it will mean a lot, we will have to adjust to this changing landscape. At this moment tools like easygenerator are being used almost completely to generate formal e-Learning courses. That is just one sub node of the mind map.  The common denominator in all nodes is that content is being generated. That is interesting for us as a content creation and management platform. All that content is scattered over an increasing amount of tools that bring information to the learner/worker. We need to transform easygenerator to a platform were you can manage, organize and maintain all that information, we must develop from an e-Learning authoring system to a content authoring system. Enabling professional workers to create, gather, maintain, organize and publish all that information into all those platforms.

We use the term Blended learning for the mix between e-Learning and classroom training. But we need to blend much more. The blender must become a lot bigger in order to accomplish the above.

One comment

  1. Hi Kasper, Wouldn’t it also be nice to put the drivers in? What is the trigger to start with learning and how does this lead you to blended learning! Just a thought which occurd whilst I was reading your mind-map. Great job by the way! For this, I would have to ask the pilot to fly via Rome to Amsterdam 🙂


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