CEO of Easygenerator

Last week I blogged about the vision I have on the future of e-Learning. What is the relevance of this vision for EasyGenerator as a company and as a product? Therefore this week the sequel: ……
“The mission of EasyGenerator according to Kasper Spiro”. This mission will help to decide what kind of features to add en what kind of  developments to take on.

No matter what you do, if you work with a group of people you need to have a shared opinion on the work you do and why you do it: our shared assumptions or starting points. We have summarized these assumptions in one sentence:  We simplify e-Learning development!

Together these words determine what we do and how we do it. I will explain this by explaining what every word stands for.

We represents the complete EasyGenerator team. We are not just a software product or an authoring environment; we are a group of people and a company that delivers an excellent and innovative service to our users.

Simplify stands for a non-technical, well thought through and easy to use solution that meets the needs of our users.

e-Learning is what  we deliver a solution for and what we are passionate about.

Development has a triple significance for what we do:

  1. We support the authoring process, thus the development of e-Learning content.
  2. Our goal is not to create software; our goal is to support development of the learners.
  3. We want to develop e-Learning itself.

This third ‘development’ point links to our long term mission. We will come up with new ideas and concepts that will help change e-Learning. We believe that making content more dynamic (see my previous blog on the future of e-Learning) is a key part of this. We want to turn this vision into reality and by doing so we want to contribute to the future development of e-Learning.

In short. We want to create the best e-Learning Authoring tool in the world and we want to innovate e-Learning along the way. The thought that  the best authoring environment in the world will probably be the most used one, doesn’t bother us at all.

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