CEO of Easygenerator

This week I have visited the development team of EasyGenerator located in the Ukraine and it was great. Christiaan de Visser (Business development manager) and Jeroen de Haan (system architect) joined me. Goal of the visit was to get acquainted with the team and to work on the EasyGenerator road map. We had some sessions with the complete team, but most sessions where with both Alexanders. Alexander Stulov is our lead developer and Alexander Chernenko will probably take on the role of product owner.  In addition, we met with Artjom Serdyuk (our scrum master) and of course with Dmitry Antonyuk who is director of ISM Ukraine. Since we only had two actual working days, you can imagine that the were crammed with all kind of session and talks.

I came back tired but very inspired. In the short time we had, we came up with a first version of the road map, a vision on e-Learning, a clear mission for our company and even a possible new concept for handling e-Learning content. There have been months in my working life that where less productive.

In the next few weeks, we will work out our Vision, Mission, and roadmap in more detail. I will write blogs on these topics in the coming weeks. The coolest thing is that I’m only preparing for my new job just now, I will start working for EasyGenerator on December 1 (At the online Educa in Berlin). I’m looking forward to it more and more.

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